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Character Concept Character Concept

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Divine exilement Divine exilement

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you are edge lord supreme i love your edginess, you could cut glass with such a fine edge. omg it cuts my soul just such an edge:P

At Rest At Rest

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love it, love the shading, love the concept, love the compition love it... would suggest you try to play with the concept of thirds, look it up. i think it would draw the eye in your work more cleanly. and play with texture brushes for digital art they can be amazing to just add that little pop to your art :D

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JJColours responds:

Thanks so much Jerry, I have indeed heard of the rule of thirds and I definitely have used it a lot over the years in my photography, but not really sat down to apply it to my art besides making things somewhat off center as a natural choice. I will read more up on it and see if I cant utilize that somehow in my current studies. As for brushes, boy do I have a lot - I even have made my own! BUT... I tend to be a "smudger" and I smooth everything out until it makes all other smooth things jealous. It really gives a digital feel and I've been trying so hard to adopt a new blending method to move away from that. I'll continue to keep trying. Thanks so much :)

Crowded Out Crowded Out

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Well that's nice... I'm scouting you man love it

Diverart responds:


Harry saves the Ring..... Harry saves the Ring.....

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He has... Magic why not just ackeo one ring why summon fishing line and hook. * -*

HarmtheHarmful responds:

the ritual to summons such a Ring is very complicated so Harry thought: Why shouldn't I make a nice trip to Mount Doom, a lovely active vulcano and see if Gollum is there....
(gives also a more dramatic scene)

Gandalf is a new teacher in Hogwarts Gandalf is a new teacher in Hogwarts

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Lol nice background *

Hurrdurr-hd responds:

Thanks man!
Yeah I thought about something simple yet still effective enough.
I tried to focus viewer's attention on characters.

That One Time Harry Messed up with the Time-Turner That One Time Harry Messed up with the Time-Turner

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I get it the time turner nice. Ever heard of a blending stump I think your piece is rather clean but could have the harsher toneshifts blended a bit

laurencetwinkle7 responds:

Thank you! I'll try to blend my colors next time. :)

Process Process

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Get them dark darks man almost black. But maintain some near white highlights that's how you get it boi

DanielFG responds:

I know...everyone has been saying that...but it's kinda scary to just screw everything I kind of involuntarily do it all super white...

Harry Potter and The One Ring Harry Potter and The One Ring

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Ring looks like wood. You should add more dark yellow tint

The precious The precious

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You need characters from both the worlds of harry potter and lotr by that standerd this is automatically disqualified :/

Aragderp responds:

If the rules say "depicting an interaction/clash between any mix of characters from the Lord of the Rings, and the Harry Potter Universes." ; I think mixing prominent features of two characters (Dobby and Gollum) into one character should at least be open for debate and not automatically disqualified though. :/